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Over… January 6, 2011

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Personally, I think over is a postive word. I mean overachiever, overambitious, even overexxagerated all very positive. SOOO… I have decided that overwhelmed is positive too. As I said previously, more crafting is a new year’s resoulution I have, but I have to accomplish something first… cleaning out the designated craft room. I know what your thinking, go pick it up, no big deal, maybe even vacuum. I wish it were that easy.


Back Story:

My soon to be new craft room was once my hubby’s office. His territory. We got married, I got pregnant. I was determined to still have a guest room, so I kicked him out. Guest room became nursery, office became new guest room.  Why I wanted a guest room is beyond me, we don’t have guests! Ha! So inevitable the room became storage. No big deal right, a few things on the bed, and in the closet. Well now…let me just say that you can open and close the door, but that’s it! I am sure there are cool things in there, but I have no idea what they are!!!


Ok back to today – I am so overwhelmed that I don’t even know where to begin. I go in there, see the piles, and decide I’m tired from looking at it and go sit on my butt! This will change. Right now I’m overloaded (haha…I said over) with things going on in life, but I have decided to spend a minimum of 15 minuets a night working on it. Probably more on the weekends, but at least 15 minuets. Reasonable right? I hope.


I wanted to post pictures, but I am honestly embarrassed! I could sit here and give you excuses, old baby stuff, actual craft stuff, but I won’t. I got lazy the past couple of months and would just pile it in the room. I figured as long as I could close the door… no one would see. Even me. Then I could deny how bad it was.

Anyways, I am so OVER having TONS of ideas an no place to create. So I am starting. 15 minuets. Heck, I hate commercials and I have figured out that if I wait 20 minuets I can fast forward through the commercials and still finish the show on time. (LOVE MY DVR!!!) So tonight, Grey’s Anatomy, I will see you at 8:20PM.



If anyone has ideas to help organize, or clean out…please. I need help!





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