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Plants/Flowers January 10, 2011

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Well hubby and I got to have a date night last Friday. Bluebird’s day care is awesome and does Parent’s Night Out about once a month. SOOO… we went out to dinner, and saw Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader. It wasa awesome. I hadn’t been to the movies, well…since before I was pregnant, before we got married… over 2 years ago?? Wow. Sad. Well we went. Had a good time. My hubby knows I hate flowers. They are pretty…but they die. It sucks. PLUS, I have no green thumb. Couldn’t even keep ivy alive. Sad right? But I have been able to keep one plant alive for longer than 2 weeks! I’m proud of myself. I pick all the dead leaves, water it, watch it. My mom always told me growing up you need to love your plants, talk to them, it helps them grow. So I have been. Well on date night instead of flowers, he got me a tulip plant. No blooms or anything. Told me I had to take care of it for them to bloom. GUESS WHAT!! Check these beauties out..



I’m a proud Plant Momma! I hope that I can keep them blooming. I should probably look online for tips to keep them blooming!


Off I go to talk to my plants!


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