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Busy Bee January 19, 2011

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Work is killing me lately. I haven’t been this busy and stressed in…never at this job. It has been absolutely crazy. I am praying for February 20th to come fast. That is when things will calm down for a little bit. We are short people in my department. Wait. Let me rephrase that. We are down people. If I say short…and you know myself and Ryan then the short jokes are bound to come out.
Speaking of work…our UGM (User’s Group Meeting) is in February and our Saturday night party this year is 80’s theme! WOO! I went with my lil sister this weekend and we bought my outfit. I still need to find Heather Gray leggings, and I want to buy pink hightop Converse. I will be rockin’! Without shoulder pads. Somethings should never come back!! Speaking of fashion…can you imagine what our kids will say in 20 years about jeggins?? Back to the topic… I will make sure to take pictures so you can see my awesome 80’s outfit.


Anyway… quick update. Hubby and I had our anniversary. 2 years. His gift to me was a spiffy new chair and chair mat for my craft room. I can’t wait to post pictures once it is complete! It will be super amazing. I will show you pictures of my table. My MIL got it for me for Christmas. Its is amazing but was a biotch to put together. I hope I never have to put anything like that together again!! A lot of it is cleaned out, but now I am left to organize the room and all my supplies. Any suggestions? I need Peter Walsh. Going off topic again…. SORRY!. Have you seen Enough Already with Peter Walsh? It’s on the OWN Network. All about oragnizing, cleaning your life…ect. Pretty cool. So any suggestions…I will accept.  I have an idea for my ribbon. If it turns out good I will post a tutorial.

In order to complete these things I need time. And I don’t see myself having much of that free and handy for a few weeks. GRRR..


By the way… wish me luck. I have been training for the Houston Amaco Half Marathon and it’s a week and a half away. I have a personal time I want to beat, but I will be proud of myself to finish it. I will get a medal. WOOHOO!!


Back to work I go…


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