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Busy Bee January 19, 2011

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Work is killing me lately. I haven’t been this busy and stressed in…never at this job. It has been absolutely crazy. I am praying for February 20th to come fast. That is when things will calm down for a little bit. We are short people in my department. Wait. Let me rephrase that. We are down people. If I say short…and you know myself and Ryan then the short jokes are bound to come out.
Speaking of work…our UGM (User’s Group Meeting) is in February and our Saturday night party this year is 80’s theme! WOO! I went with my lil sister this weekend and we bought my outfit. I still need to find Heather Gray leggings, and I want to buy pink hightop Converse. I will be rockin’! Without shoulder pads. Somethings should never come back!! Speaking of fashion…can you imagine what our kids will say in 20 years about jeggins?? Back to the topic… I will make sure to take pictures so you can see my awesome 80’s outfit.


Anyway… quick update. Hubby and I had our anniversary. 2 years. His gift to me was a spiffy new chair and chair mat for my craft room. I can’t wait to post pictures once it is complete! It will be super amazing. I will show you pictures of my table. My MIL got it for me for Christmas. Its is amazing but was a biotch to put together. I hope I never have to put anything like that together again!! A lot of it is cleaned out, but now I am left to organize the room and all my supplies. Any suggestions? I need Peter Walsh. Going off topic again…. SORRY!. Have you seen Enough Already with Peter Walsh? It’s on the OWN Network. All about oragnizing, cleaning your life…ect. Pretty cool. So any suggestions…I will accept.  I have an idea for my ribbon. If it turns out good I will post a tutorial.

In order to complete these things I need time. And I don’t see myself having much of that free and handy for a few weeks. GRRR..


By the way… wish me luck. I have been training for the Houston Amaco Half Marathon and it’s a week and a half away. I have a personal time I want to beat, but I will be proud of myself to finish it. I will get a medal. WOOHOO!!


Back to work I go…


Scooping and I’m not talking ice cream January 13, 2011

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First thing is that I work for a really awesome company. One thing they do for us is have different trainers come out and do classes during our lunch breaks. Yesterday was Pilates. I’m not big into yoga because they want you to be quiet, focus, relax, concentrate. I think nap. I mean if you want me to be quiet I better be sleeping or Grey’s Anatomy must be on. They also play the “nature” music, and all I can think of is having to pee. So I never got into yoga. Pilates I always understood as being very similar, just alot more core excersise than actual stretching.


It was an interesting class to say the least, She did play the “nature” music, but I didn’t have to be quiet. So I did talk, and it did distract me my urges to pee every time the waterfall got loud! She took it slow yesterday, cause it was her first day with us, but I do hope next time she picks it up. I need a good workout. This momma usually only gets to exercise during her lunch breaks!

Your probably wondering where the scooping title came from. If you aren’t wondering, just pretend to. Since pilates is all about strengthening your core, they are constantly reminding you to “scoop” in your abs. “Tuck them in your rib cage”. Every time she said scoop I imagined ice cream. Mmmm. I would focus though. I would scoop, and then she would say it 2 minuets later, and I would have to do it again. I guess most people can focus on keeping their abs tight while doing something else. Not me. When it comes to exercising, I can do one thing at a time. My multi-tasking goes out the window. I just wish they had a different term as a reminder, instead of scoop.

I did though have more problems with my co-workers. If you do pilates, please make sure to think about others around you when reading below.


1. Feet. I know your suppossed to do it barefoot. But I think that rule should only apply if you are in your own home on your own mat. I learned alot about my fellow workeres by their feet. More than I wanted to know. And not to get descriptive, just know that I will be bringing my own mat from now on. Eww….


2.  Breathing. When the instructor says to concentrate on your breathing, it doesn’t mean breathe really loud so everyone hears you. concentrate, focus on your breathing, don’t raise the volume. When you raise the volume, I start to wonder things, that I shouldn’t. I’m leaving it at that.


3. Bodily functions. We are human. Our bodies do things. If you know you will be taking a class like pilates, where you will be working your abs, and you will be in weird positions, watch what you eat prior. I won’t mention names, but it was a nuclear war zone in my face thanks to someone who felt the need to consume a lot of brocolli an other agents that aid in the production of WMDs. I understand if it slips, but a constant air of…ew… I can’t even think about it anymore…


As you can tell I did have an interesting experience. She will be back next week to do the class again. If we like her we will add her to our workout rotation, so we will see.


Dinner #1 January 11, 2011

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One of my New Year’s resolutions is to cook at least 1 dinner a week. I went easy for my first week. You could say I cheated. I set something I knew for sure I could accomplish…making a pizza. Homemade pizza. Don’t worry…this week I made Chicken ‘N Dumplings without a recipe. Haha! Wait till you hear that adventure!


Well Pillsbury helped a little. Give a girl a break…I don’t have time to make a crust!! So I added Ragu Pizza Sauce, lots of cheese, bell peppers, green onions, fresh cut tomatoes, and my favorite, black olives!! Look how beautiful it turned out. Of course hubby didn’t eat it…it had green things on it. Oh well. I enjoyed it for the past couple of days!!



I think next time I will make a couple of adjustments. I want to add mushrooms, white onions, and I want to brush the crust with olive oil and garlic!


How do you like your pizza?


Plants/Flowers January 10, 2011

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Well hubby and I got to have a date night last Friday. Bluebird’s day care is awesome and does Parent’s Night Out about once a month. SOOO… we went out to dinner, and saw Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader. It wasa awesome. I hadn’t been to the movies, well…since before I was pregnant, before we got married… over 2 years ago?? Wow. Sad. Well we went. Had a good time. My hubby knows I hate flowers. They are pretty…but they die. It sucks. PLUS, I have no green thumb. Couldn’t even keep ivy alive. Sad right? But I have been able to keep one plant alive for longer than 2 weeks! I’m proud of myself. I pick all the dead leaves, water it, watch it. My mom always told me growing up you need to love your plants, talk to them, it helps them grow. So I have been. Well on date night instead of flowers, he got me a tulip plant. No blooms or anything. Told me I had to take care of it for them to bloom. GUESS WHAT!! Check these beauties out..



I’m a proud Plant Momma! I hope that I can keep them blooming. I should probably look online for tips to keep them blooming!


Off I go to talk to my plants!


Over… January 6, 2011

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Personally, I think over is a postive word. I mean overachiever, overambitious, even overexxagerated all very positive. SOOO… I have decided that overwhelmed is positive too. As I said previously, more crafting is a new year’s resoulution I have, but I have to accomplish something first… cleaning out the designated craft room. I know what your thinking, go pick it up, no big deal, maybe even vacuum. I wish it were that easy.


Back Story:

My soon to be new craft room was once my hubby’s office. His territory. We got married, I got pregnant. I was determined to still have a guest room, so I kicked him out. Guest room became nursery, office became new guest room.  Why I wanted a guest room is beyond me, we don’t have guests! Ha! So inevitable the room became storage. No big deal right, a few things on the bed, and in the closet. Well now…let me just say that you can open and close the door, but that’s it! I am sure there are cool things in there, but I have no idea what they are!!!


Ok back to today – I am so overwhelmed that I don’t even know where to begin. I go in there, see the piles, and decide I’m tired from looking at it and go sit on my butt! This will change. Right now I’m overloaded (haha…I said over) with things going on in life, but I have decided to spend a minimum of 15 minuets a night working on it. Probably more on the weekends, but at least 15 minuets. Reasonable right? I hope.


I wanted to post pictures, but I am honestly embarrassed! I could sit here and give you excuses, old baby stuff, actual craft stuff, but I won’t. I got lazy the past couple of months and would just pile it in the room. I figured as long as I could close the door… no one would see. Even me. Then I could deny how bad it was.

Anyways, I am so OVER having TONS of ideas an no place to create. So I am starting. 15 minuets. Heck, I hate commercials and I have figured out that if I wait 20 minuets I can fast forward through the commercials and still finish the show on time. (LOVE MY DVR!!!) So tonight, Grey’s Anatomy, I will see you at 8:20PM.



If anyone has ideas to help organize, or clean out…please. I need help!





Hello World December 30, 2010

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By: Lady Antebellum

Well this is my first post. 2010 is basically over. The past two years have been a whirlwind to say the least. Time for new beginnings.

Time for resolutions. I have a lot on my list.

1. Cooking dinner at least once a week. Yes I said cook. I don’t cook right now. No. No. Don’t feel bad for my husband. He knew what he was getting before he put a ring on it.

2. Running more. I am currently training for the Chevron Half Marathon on January 30th. I just don’t want all my hard work to go to waste afterwards. Must. Keep. Moving.

3. CRAFT!! I have binders full of ideas. I need to get working. I know I can amaze myself, and that’s all that matters anyway, right? In order for me to craft though, major cleaning must be done. My craft room is currently storage. Literally. You can open the door, but can’t walk in. I have motivation though.

4. Blog. My husband doesn’t really care to hear my stories. Even if no one reads it, at least I feel as though I am telling someone.

5. Oh and photography. I am buying a new spiffy camera with my Christmas money, and I want to learn all the features, and start taking awesome pictures. Bluebird is growing up WAY to fast and I want to remember when she was a little chick!

That’s it for now. Time for work…  😦